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TRAVEL VLOG Taipei, TAIWAN  | ASIA Tour | ®YouLikeToTravel.Com – OFFICIAL

By July 12, 2018 May 7th, 2019 3,507 Comments

TRAVEL VLOG Taipei, TAIWAN  | ASIA Tour | ®YouLikeToTravel.Com – OFFICIAL

Where we went:

Day 1

  • Grand Mayfull hotel ($40 ride from airport or 1,200 Taiwan dollar).
  • Miramar shopping.
  • Food republic.
  • Grand Hotel, old style beautiful building.
  • Shillin night market.
  • Cixian temple.
  • Baoan temple.
  • Ximending amazing shopping area.

Day 2

  • National Palace. 
  • Shizhan garden.
  • Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store.  The cutest store in the globe.
  • Raohe street night market.

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