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TRAVEL VLOG | Costa Rica

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TRAVEL VLOG | Costa Rica

Hey everyone, this is Marcello from

If you are a nature lover and have never visited Costa Rica, you are missing out on this incredible country with more outdoor activities and nature than you can handle.

Some interesting facts about Costa Rica:

  • One third of the country are National Parks.
  • In fact, Costa Rica has 28 national parks in total, 3 of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Costa Rica has 3% of the World’s biodiversity (which means 3% of the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem).
  • Every 4 hours another type of life is discovered.
  • The country was also identified as one of the greenest country in the world in 2009.
  • 98.1% of its country’s electricity was generated from green sources by 2016.

Costa Rica is one of my favorite nature getaways in the World because of its:

  • Amazing nature
  • Wild life
  • Outdoor activities
  • Friendly people
  • Incredible National Parks
  • Safety
  • Good seafood
  • And it is one of the most accommodating countries in the world for tourists


Most people stay in these areas in Costa Rica:

  • Guanacaste northwest region (where most of the all inclusive resorts are, you want to fly to Liberia airport which is closer to that area)
  • Central Pacific Coast; Herradura, Jaco or Playa Hermosa Beach (Jaco beach is where most of the action is, 1 hour and 30 min away from San Jose airport)
  • Manuel Antonio National Park area (forest and nature lovers stay here, 1 hour south of Jaco beach)
  • Arenal La Fortuna Volcano area (North Central area 4 hours  drive from San Jose airport)
  • In fact: Not a lot of people stay in San Jose because of the lack activities and far drive to beaches and national parks


– Marriott Los Sueños in Herradura Beach (we wanted to catch up those Pacific Coast sunsets and be on a central location, just 20 minutes from Jaco beach)


  • Manuel antonio national park hiking tour
  • More ziplines than you can handle
  • Day boat trip to tortuga island
  • Jaco beach
  • Playa Hermosa or many of its surf beaches
  • Herradura Beach and Marina
  • ATV
  • water rafting
  • waterfalls
  • kayak
  • snorkeling
  • crocodile river cruise
  • paragliding
  • Other national parks


  • Pelicano & The Cardumen (in Herradura beach)
  • Malecon & Via caletas (in Jaco beach)
  • And my favorite called El Avion right next to Manuel Antonio National Park.  This place has a $1 million dollar view that’s gonna be worth the trip.
  • You also want to try the corvina fish there, thats their Seabass, always a great choice


  • The action is in Jaco beach, if you are looking to get a drink.


  • US Dollars is widely accepted in Costa Rica, but it is always nice to have some Costa Rican Colons with you.
  • The exchange rate was $1 equals to 562 Costa Rican Colons.  An easy way to remember is 1,000 Colons is around $2 US Dollars. 🙂


  • You may want to rent a car from San Jose airport to whatever location you are going, the roads may have some traffic but it is the best and cheapest way to explore the country.
  • For the Manuel Antonio national park, make sure to buy the tour guides outside to help you, which is gonna cost you around $40 per person including the park entrance (20,000 colons per person).  These guides will find you amazing wild life that you would never be able to spot on your own.  Best money spent there.
  • For the Forest and Waterfall Tours don’t forget to get your bug repellant, towel, sunblock, bottle water and water shoes.

To summarize, Costa Rica is an incredible country with lots of nature, beaches, and amazing wild life that it is going to be tough to find anywhere else in the world.

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