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This spectacular aerial shot of the Valle De Las Animas will make your day

By April 11, 2020 April 14th, 2020 66 Comments

THE VALLE DE LAS ANIMAS, or Valley of the Souls is a densely packed forest of rock formations, each stabbing toward the sky in great clusters. Formed out of mudrock and erosion over hundreds of years, the visually-stunning valley has drawn in visitors for thousands of years.

When the first people visited the valley, they believed the spires resembled petrified souls, and gave the area its name. Since that time, a steady stream of hikers have visited the valley to marvel at the thousands of rugged peaks, which form deep gorges and many side passages and sub-valleys. Adding to the mystique and beauty of the site is the 15,000-foot Illimani, Bolivia’s highest mountain that towers above the valley in the background..

Credits to: tomjauncey & theboliviantraveler on Instagram


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