Phuket Travel Guide

The amazing Island is the most visited tourist area of Thailand. There are a lot of interesting activities to do at this amazing place like a plenty of water sports, multicultural food, shopping and much more. Phuket is one of the top tourist destinations of the world.


Why should anyone visit the city? 


Answer: Phuket is on the travel list for it beautiful white sandy beaches because it is the largest and most famous island of Thailand. It has a plenty of entertaining activities, hotels, restaurants, bars and many more.


How does one get to the destination (airport, ferry or others)? 


Answer: The international airport of Phuket is one of the busiest airports of the world that connects the city to all the major destinations of the world. It is also reachable by ferry, train and buses from other parts of Thailand.


Is the city safe?  What areas are not safe?


Answer: Phuket is very safe to travel whereas the basic rules of safety apply like taking care of your belongings. Sometimes the scams and pickpocket issues happen during peak tourist season and crowded places.


What’s the weather like?


Answer: The weather of Phuket is mostly beach friendly except the monsoon season. Island remains filled with tourists from November to April. This time the ocean remains calm and pleasant. However, from May to October the monsoon season makes ocean waves dangerous. This time the water activities are also restricted. The accommodation and other activities are very low priced during the monsoon season especially near the coastline.


What languages are spoken in the area?  Is English spoken?


Answer: The locals speak southern version of Thai whereas a lot of them communicate in English as well. Most of the stores, stalls, hotels and restaurant staff are trained to interact with tourists in English.


What’s the local currency?  

Is US Dollar widely accepted?


Answer: The currency used in Phuket is the Thai Baht. Some places accept major currencies of the world including US dollars whereas it is better to exchange the money into the local currency because most of the stalls, small restaurants and stores do not accept other currencies than Thai Baht.


What are the best areas or districts to stay in the city?



  • North and South Patong is the best are to stay for couples and families. There are a lot of interesting shops, bars, restaurants. cafes and many more.
  • Central Patong is the best area to stay for the solo travelers and party lovers because some of the craziest party places are located in this area. This is not good for the families because this area is the hub if entertainment industry.
  • Karon and Kata is the romantic area for couples and people on honeymoon. This area has beautiful white sand beaches, clear waters, cafes, bars, resorts and restaurants.
  • Phuket old town is the best place for the cultural wanderers and history explorers.




What’re your top 3 hotels (budget, moderate, luxury) and why?


Answer: There are abundant options to stay in Phuket whereas the best ones are.

  • Banyan Tree Phuket is the area with the luxury villas and five star services. There are award winning restaurants, bars and famous spas offering world class services. It is located in Bang Tao that is a popular luxury area to stay in Phuket.
  • Best Western Phuket Ocean resort is a nice hotel to stay with good services. This is a moderate place with cozy rooms and sea view. There are two outdoor pools so you can swim in the less busy one.
  • Chanalai Hillside Resort is the place on the Karon beach. It is the best budget place to enjoy the sea views. Rooms and services are very good in very economical amount of money.


How does one get around the city?  Taxi, Uber, similar apps, ATVs?

Answer: Getting around in Phuket is not a tough thing because there are ample of transportation available.

  • Tuk-Tuk is perfect to travel for short distance. This is small and becomes uncomfortable for longer distance. If you are in the beach areas, then bargain because tuk-tuks are very expensive in tourist places.
  • Taxis are available very easily whereas you have to negotiate before sitting and check the meter of the taxi. You can bargain to save some amount.
  • Grab is like Uber that you can book by downloading the app. This is the most convenient way to get around in a fixed range of fare.
  • There are airport buses also available which start from Phuket city bus terminal 1 and stops at specific places then reach the Phuket international airport.
  • Motorbike taxi and rentals are also a nice and convenient way to get around. Do not forget getting a helmet if you are renting a motorbike and bargain for motorbike taxi.


Can you highlight the Top 5 MUST see sightseeing?

Answer: The top most must see attractions of Phuket are:

  • The Phuket big Buddha that is the most important and popular landmark of the city. The height is almost 45 meters and you can climb up the hill to enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. It is crafted with Burmese marble and it becomes more amazing in the sun because it sparkles.
  • Nai Harn Beach is an unmissable popular tourist attraction that welcomes a lot of people. Many areas of the beach are untouched and it is still in its natural form. You can enjoy the soft white sand and clear water.
  • Wat Chalong is an amazing Buddhist temple that is standing gloriously for centuries. This is not just one place but a cluster of attractions to enjoy. You can explore the religious history and rituals in the grand pagoda.
  • Bangla Road is an amazing street that becomes more lively in the night. You will find a lot of street entertainers, bars and vibrant places. This never ending fun should be experienced by every visitor of Phuket.
  • Visit Elephant Sanctuary to learn about the ethical elephant tourism and the nature of the animals. You can interact with these friendly and lovely elephants.


What’s the best place to take a photo?


Answer: If you want to click some amazing photos with Tigers then head towards the Tiger kingdom of Phuket. There are two restaurants where you can try some delicious foods. It is said that this place promotes animal cruelty by drugging the tigers that is not true. It is verified by many animal activists.


What about the top 3 restaurants?


Answer: There are many amazing eateries in Phuket but the top three restaurants of Phuket are:

  • Mom Tri’s kitchen is located at the Kata Noi Beach in Villa Royale. This place serves some of the amazing dishes with the stunning ambiance.
  • La Gritta is an Italian restaurant with the contemporary designed ambiance. There are both indoor and outdoor options available for seating.
  • Wok pagoda is the best place to enjoy the fusion dishes. There is a wonderful menu of wines with a number of snacks to pair with.


What about the top 3 breakfast places? 


Answer: The three breakfast options are:

  • Gallery café by Pinki that is a very charming place located in the old town. The place opens at 8am and serves some of the most delicious breakfast options.
  • The Corner Restaurant is located in a small village area of Western Phuket. You can have delicious food made almost with organic ingredients because they try to use organic ingredients as much as possible in their recipes.
  • Pure Vegan Heaven is really the heaven for Vegans. There are amazing range of juices, smoothies and other beverages available with a wonderful range of foods. The place also has many vegan personal care products range that visitors can buy.


What’s the one thing you MUST eat in the city? 

Answer: The dish which every visitor should at least try once in Phuket is the Tom Yang Goong. This is a spicy prawn sour soup. It is available in a lot of variations according to the type of noodles, meat and rice. You can try it at different areas to enjoy variations and find which one you like the most.


What about food markets?

Answer: Chillva market is a very famous place not only for food but for many other options. There is a range of stalls selling a variety of traditional, international and street food of Thailand. You can do a lot of shopping while having some snacks in the market.

Fun Friday Avenue market has a huge range of sea food, snacks, desserts, international and local foods. You will find many other souvenir, clothing and handicraft shops in the market. It is open on Fridays from 4pm till 11pm.


Karon Temple Market is the Tuesdays and Fridays market at the ground of Karon Temple. You can try a huge variety of cuisines, desserts and beverages. There are also skincare and massage products that you can buy to pamper yourself.

Where should one go at night?  Any bar/nightlife areas or districts you recommend?


Answer: Some of the best nightlife options are:

  • Soi Bangla Road that is famous for its neon lights and vibrant bars. You can grab wonderful cocktail at a lively bar and groove on the live music.
  • Beach clubs are the best option if you cannot decide some specific place to go. Every beach area has ample of vibrant nightlife places waiting for their visitors.
  • Paradise beach has the moon parties on the dates of full moon and half moon. If you happen to be there at that time, then do not miss these parties. They are amazing, lively and memorable. You can easily get free shuttle after every 30 minutes to go back to your accommodation.


Any rooftop bars or restaurants that you recommend? 


Answer: Beach and main tourist areas have a lot of roof top places to enjoy the surroundings. Some of the best ones are:

  • Baba Nest that is always occupied with guests. You have to book in advance to enjoy a nice roof top view from the Sri Panwa Hotel where the place is located. It is a very expensive place so check the prices while booking.
  • Heaven top restaurant is an amazing spot to enjoy some Russian, Italian and Thai food fusion. The ambiance is very nice and the price range is also affordable.
  • After Beach Bar is a very simple and pleasant place offering amazing panoramic views to its guests. You can try some delicious things in very reasonable price.


Can you recommend the best shopping areas?  Best shopping mall?


Answer: There are many shopping areas in Phuket like Chillva market, Phuket old town shops and many small beach markets. The best and most successful shopping mall of Phuket is Jungceylon mall. There are a lot of activities to do in the mall along with shopping. It has cinemas, brand stores, bowling lanes, food court, supermarket, electronic stores, pubs and many specialty places.


Do you recommend any tours outside the city?  Islands? Boat Tours?


Answer: Phuket has a cluster of Islands and hilly areas to explore. You can visit many areas by planning small trips from the city. Major areas to visit are Phi Phi islands, Phang Nga Bay, Racha Islands, Coral Islands, Khao Lak, Kon Yao Yao and Mu Ko Similan national park. The trips are available online and from the Phuket travelling agencies to book.


Are Casinos allowed?  Blackjack tables?  If so, what’s the best Casino in town?


Answer: Thai Law does not consider gambling as a legal activity so there are no casinos in the city. However, some illegal gambling places are available in small hotels and nightclubs but it is not safe to be there because the law is very strict about it.


Any last advice for people visiting the city?


Answer: There are some important things to consider:

  • Tap water is not drinkable so get bottled water whereas get ice from anywhere because it is made with clean water.
  • Dengue and Malaria is not common but it can occur in Phuket so carry a mosquito repellent in your backpack.
  • Drugs and gambling related penalties are very severe so never indulge yourself in these activities.
  • Getting a Buddha Tattoo for a non-Buddhist is consider very disrespectful and it is illegal at some areas.