Paris Travel Guide

Paris is not only the most romantic destination of the world but it also has a rich history. There are many historical monuments, eateries, fashion places and a lot more in Paris. This city is one of the places where fashion started commercially.


Why should anyone visit the city?


There are a plenty of reasons to visit Paris. You can explore some perfect ancient landmarks, romantic places like the world famous Eiffel Tower, Fashion hubs with top international brands, delicious foods and beverages, mesmerizing cemeteries and unique cafes. Paris has a lot more to offer to its visitors.


Is the city safe?  What areas are not safe?


Paris has many problems which the big cities normally have. It is safe for tourists but the small crimes are there in crowded places like pickpockets, scams etc. Female solo travelers face harassment in metro because of the crowds or sometimes being very late at night. Protests are also going on but it is better to avoid and stay away from them.


What’s the weather like?


Most pleasant months to visit Paris are April to June and October to the mid of November. Weather is very enjoyable because temperature remains mild. The tourist’s crowds also remain less than usual. December, January and February are the most financially economical months because the fares of flights and attractions are reduced or different deals are offered. January faces snow and rainfalls whereas the people love this amazing destination covered in snow.


Is the US Dollar widely accepted?


French Euro is used as the main currency in Paris. US dollar is not accepted in most parts of France but the places which accept dollar take them on exchange rate. Paris is a tourist destination so there are a number of money exchange in public places.


What are the best areas or districts to stay in the city?

Paris offers amazing activities in every corner so there is no specifically a best place to stay. However, you can choose the place according to the proximity to the attractions.

1st Arrondisement

It is the neighbourhood for sight-seeing. A variety of famous landmarks are located in this area like Louvre, Sainte Chapelle, Tuileries garden and Palais Royale. Many other locations are also closer which can be explored by a walk.

11th Arrondisement

It is the place for foodies who want to try every type of food available in Paris. The rents of accommodation in this area are also cheaper. A lot of new chefs in Paris own stalls in this area. This is the central area of Paris and it is very close to many arrondisements. It is also an amazing option for the local vibe and to witness the Parisian lifestyle.


Marais has a variety of nightlife options. It can provide the perfect accommodation to the party lovers. There are a lot of secret and chic places to enjoy some trendy nightlife entertainment. There are cabaret lounges, Dj’s and dance lounges with creative cocktails and drinks.

7th Arrondisement

7th Arrondisement is the home to some notable museums, Eiffel tower, charming markets and some of the best restaurants. This is the best neighbourhood to stay for the first timers of Paris. You only have to be careful about your belongings in the crowded places.


It is the best option for the couples and newlyweds because Montmartre is the most romantic area of the city. The cobble stone streets, picturesque views of the areas with the background of hills and village like charm is the best place to enjoy a romantic stay.

What’re your top 3 hotels and why?


Shangri-la hotel


Shangri-la hotel is the perfect five-star hotel with the amazing views of Eiffel tower and seine. It also offers its guests with one of the most elegant bar and Michelin starred restaurants. Every room has a terrace with the stunning views of Eiffel tower. There is an outdoor pool and balcony to soak sun.


Four seasons Hotel


Four seasons hotel is also located in the neighborhood of Eiffel tower with amazing marble courtyard, floral arrangements, spa and pool. The rooms have designer furnishings and have glamorous ambiance with Eiffel tower views from the balcony. Hotel has three Michelin starred restaurants.


Relais Christine


The beautiful Ivy covered courtyard and private terraces towards the hotel garden, make it more Parisian to stay. It is located near the Notre Dame and Latin quarter.


The Peninsula


The luxury hotel where most of the things are operated with Samsun tablets. There are printers, scanner, copy machines easily available that makes it perfect for the business stay. Roof top has Michelin starred restaurant with stunning views of Eiffel tower. Luxury suites have private roof top garden.


How does one get around the city?  Taxi, Uber, similar apps, ATVs? Include links to public services


  • Paris offers almost every kind of transportation to get around. Metro covers almost all the central area of Paris it is the oldest way to travel. It is a very cheap way and you can get the pass for single day, week or a month according to your need. Although, many parts of the city are easily discoverable by foot but another efficient way to travel is bus.
  • The bus stations of Paris are tech advance with the time and routes of buses displays. You can see the next bus timing. Travelling by bus is like a Paris virtual tour.
  • You can also hire a bike to ride from one station to another. It is an increasing trend of the city to travel to the nearby locations by bike.
  • RER trains are also another way of transportation and they can be recognized by their color for different routes. The drawback is that they are infrequent due to that most of the people stick to bus or metro.
  • The best way to explore Paris on the first day is the Paris tour bus. It gives a complete tour of Paris and stops at a couple of destinations. The benefit to ride it on the first day is to know about every location and explore them later.
  • Bato bus is the river shuttle service that takes the passengers along the river Seine and stops at eight different locations. It is also a fun way to explore the city.
  • Apart from all the above way of transportation, taxi service is the most commonly and easily available way to travel. Uber service is also very frequently used in Paris.


Can you highlight the MUST see sight?  Minimum of 5, feel free to share as many as you would like.


Eiffel tower


While visiting Paris, nobody can avoid visiting Eiffel tower. It is considered as the identity of the city and the symbol of romance. It was constructed to show the industrial abilities of France and it was not supposed to be a mark of love. You can climb the Eiffel tower and enjoy a wonderful romantic views of Paris.


Notre Dame Cathedral


It is one of the most amazing churches of France because of its ancient gothic architecture. The attraction experienced a disaster in 2019 whereas it was repaired and still as magical as it was before.


The louvre Museum


The is one of the biggest museums of the world and is best for some unique experiences in Paris. It was the royal palace at the bank of the river whereas it later became a display. There is a huge collection of Egyptian and European antiques along with many artifacts and paintings. Parisian visitors should not miss visiting this place.


The muse d’Orsay (Orsay museum)


This museum is a must visit for art lovers and artists because it displays many original collections of famous artists from eighteenth to nineteenth century. The paintings and sculpture exhibit contains the works of Van Gogh, Degas, Monet and many more. It is a very unique place because it was a train station in eighteenth century.


The arc de Triomphe


Arc de Triomphe is one of the main attractions of Paris. It is a national monument made for the memory of war soldiers. It was constructed in the eighteenth century one the orders of Napoleon. You can enjoy some amazing views of Paris from this attraction.


What’s the best place to take a photo?


The Palais Garnier


Paris has a number of iconic sides to click photos. The Palais Garnier was constructed to replace opera in an architecture contest. This is a wonderful sight to click some amazing and unique photos because most of the people click Eiffel tower as a background. You will love the details of this place which are created with marble, gold and precious fabric.


What is the one thing you MUST eat in the city?


There are a number of things to try in Paris whereas several things are famous around the world with the name of France. Keep these things on the top of food list.


  • Chocolates
  • Baguette
  • Croissants
  • Macarons


What about food markets?


Marche international de Rungis


It is considered as the largest market in the world that deals in wholesale food items. It was set up during the 10th century in the center of Paris. Due to higher supply demand it was moved to the suburbs. You can get huge quantity of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood. The market also sells fresh flowers. It deals mostly for the bulk buyers and has a huge clientage.


Rue Montorgueil


It is a food shopping street with amazing foods, Parisian specialties, flowers, cheese shops and bakeries. You can visit here to enjoy delicious hot chocolate.


Marche d’Aligre


It is one of the oldest market of the city and one of the most popular ones. You can find delicious food in economical prices. Other things of this market are the second hand clothes, trinkets, African masks and books.


Marche des Enfants rouges


This is a historic market that dates back to the 16th century. The site was a children orphanage that was closed before the revolution. The market was set up by the locals and later it became a tourist spot. You will find some fine restaurants in the market.


Where should one go at night?  Any bar/nightlife areas or districts you recommend?


The best districts for nightlife in Paris are


  • Marais is the historical center where most beloved nightlife places are located. You can get some of the most dynamic places here.
  • Montmartre and Pigalle are the home of some of the mist entertaining places with cabaret dance bars. Pigalle is recognized as the red light district of Paris.


Some of the best nightlife bars and clubs in Paris are:


Le Truskel


Le Truskel is visited the most in the Grand boulevard’s neighborhood near the 2nd Arrondisement. It is more like a hipster spot with indie, punk and electro-pop music played by well-known Dj’s and musicians. The club throws parties as the after shows of the Olympia hall concerts.


Chez Moune


It is more like s fashion place with low ceiling, tiled and mirrored walls. The décor is inspired by the typical Parisian style. Majority of the visitors stay up until the mornings. It is located near the 9th Arrondisement among the many other nightlife places.


Rex Club


Rex club mostly welcomes the international crowds. Music is mostly heavy Bass with electronica and techno.


La Bellevilloise


It is the art space, club, restaurant and bar that hosts a number of parties with live Dj’s and bands. Mostly music is rock, reggae and indie mixed with different genre. The two level dance floors are perfect for the party lovers.


Can you recommend the best shopping areas?  Best shopping mall?


Avenue Montagne


It is located at the golden triangle area of Paris. You will find all the famous designer brands from Chanel, Prada to Valentino in this Avenue Montagne.


The Champs Elysees


It is one of the most famous shopping areas of the world. This is a must visit two kilometers patch with all the displays of luxury brands like Banana Republic, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Sephora and many more.


Do you recommend any tours outside the city?  Islands? Boat Tours?


There are different cruise tours of Seine river are offered. You can enjoy a day or two of the visit of different attractions on the banks of Seine river with delicious continental food.


Are Casinos allowed?  Blackjack tables?  If so, what’s the best Casino in town?


Gambling is allowed in France but there are some legal restrictions due to that there are no proper Casinos in Paris. Some places have games but they are not operating officially as casinos.


Any last advice for people visiting the city?


  • Paris is very economical if you do not fall for brands and designers.
  • Eiffel tower is not that impressive and there are huge public crowds there.
  • Try to get accommodation in the central area where most of the attractions are near.
  • Most of the shops, restaurants and areas in Paris are closed during the month of august so do not plan your trip in this time.