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Munich is a lot more than the Oktoberfest. There are amazing historical sites, alpine lakes, museums, art galleries, neo-classic architecture and a huge variety of activities and celebrations. You can explore the amazing traditional and classic contrasts of culture in Munich.


Why should anyone visit the city?




There are more than 80 museums and art galleries in the city. These places contain thousands of original master pieces made by famous artists. You can explore ancient artifacts and sculptures. Some of them are around 5000 years old.


How does one get to the destination (airport, ferry or others)?






Munich is the international business hub and the airport of the city is considered among the best airports of Europe. Munich international airport welcomes flights from every part of the world.




Railway system of Munich is very well connected to all the major cities of Europe. It is a very convenient way to reach Munich from different parts of the continent.




Bus system is very well connected to different parts of Germany and across the Europe. Buses are very comfortable and cheap to travel.


Is the city safe?  What areas are not safe?




Munich is one of the safest tourist destinations of the world. Violent crime is very rare. General precautions should be practiced like taking care of belongings in public places. Do not share your personal information with strangers.


What’s the weather like?




  • September to November is the time of Oktoberfest. If you want to attend the festival, then book your accommodation and flights almost a year ahead. This is the busiest time with highest rates of fare and accommodation.


  • December to February is the winter season. Crowds of Oktoberfest starts decreasing whereas the prices remain high.


  • March – May is the warmer season that makes the experience of the visitors, amazing. You can plan your trip to enjoy the open air places of Munich.


  • June – August is the high tourist season. This is the peak summer which is very comfortable and pleasant. Never forget booking accommodation in advance.


What languages are spoken in the area?  Is English spoken?




Official language of Munich is German. Tourists find no problem in communicating especially in the major tourist parts because almost 70% people speak English. Remember that 30% people stick to their mother tongue so do not feel awkward if someone fails to understand English.


What’s the local currency?

Is US Dollar widely accepted?




Official currency of Germany is the Euro. You can use that in the entire Europe. However, you can keep US dollars as a backup if you need to exchange somewhere but you cannot use it directly. Traveler’s checks are not valid anymore whereas you can use credit and debit cards.


What are the best areas or districts to stay in the city?




  • Maxvorstadt is the best district to stay for the cultural and historical experience. This area has some of the most amazing museums of Europe.


  • Altstadt is also the center of culture and history whereas you will find some of the amazing shopping places and restaurants in this area.


  • Haidhausen is the French quarter that is the most beautiful part of the city. You can find some of the best cafes and attractions while staying in this area.


  • Glockenbach is the LGBTQ+ friendly area. This is a very colorful part of the city with amazing bars, clubs and bistros. It is also the best area for backpackers.


  • Schwabing is known as the most desirable district of Munich. This area has some of the best boutiques, restaurants and bars of the city. There are lawns, bike trails and a lot more.


What’re your top 3 hotels (budget, moderate, luxury) and why?




  • Euro Youth Hotel is the budget hostel that is located an hour away from the location of Oktoberfest. It offers free Wi-Fi, shared bathrooms and private rooms with flat screen TV’s. Private room guests get free breakfast buffet and storage lockers.


  • Hotel Pension Haydn is the moderate priced hotel that is only 9 minutes away from the Oktoberfest. There is a 16th century beer hall near the hotel. It offers free internet, restaurant, bar and sitting area.


  • Mandarin Oriental Munich is the luxury hotel with elegant rooms. Bathrooms have heated floors, rooms have desks, free Wi-fi, TVs and a lot of other facilities. Suites have sitting areas, living rooms, terraces and whirlpool tubs.


How does one get around the city?  Taxi, Uber, similar apps, ATVs?




  • Underground train (U- Bahn) stops at all the major parts of the metropolitan area. Stations contains ‘U’ signs in blue color. You need a valid ticket and area information.


  • Strassenbahn is the tram that is frequently used by tourists. It has many stops in different parts of the city where there is no subway connection. Trams for the night are different and they run when the U-Bahn is closed. You can recognize them by the ‘N’ sign.


  • Above ground railways system (S-Bahn) can be recognized by the red color. These lines connect different parts of Munich where there is no tram or underground bus to the Munich airport.


  • Metro buses, city buses and express bus are another way to get around the city. They are available in almost every part of Munich.


  • Taxi is the convenient and frequently available way of transportation. You can also use Uber app in Munich.


  • Car sharing and rentals are available. You can share the car by the service provider. Renting a car becomes inconvenient because you need a valid license. Driving a car is not easy because of traffic in most of the areas.


  • Bicycle is fun and healthy way to explore the city. Most parts of the city have cycle paths.


Can you highlight the Top 5 MUST see sightseeing?




  1. Marienplatz and the Neues Rathaus is the best place to see the medieval architecture. It is the central square with the city hall, old town hall, column from 16th century, stores, boutiques, restaurants and many more.


  1. Asamkirche / Asam Church was completed in the 17th It is amazingly decorated with oil paintings, sculptures and frescoes. There are stucco figures which are separated by wrought iron grill. The interior of the church worth observing.


  1. Englischer Garten / English garden is the largest park of the country. It was constructed as the military garden in the 17th There are jogging and cycling paths, artificial lake, a huge variety of plant species and a Chinese pagoda. There is a museum in the park that contains a huge archeological and art collection.


  1. Frauenkirche is the cathedral church that was completed in 14th You can observe Renaissance domes, towers, tomb of Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian from 16th century, a strange foot print in the floor of the porch that is said to be made by the devil, twin towers and a lot of other amazing things.


  1. Peterskirche (St. Peter’s Church) is the oldest church of Munich that is built on a small hill. Tis gothic structure belongs to the 13th century that was later altered and improved in 16th Interior of the church is very beautiful. It contains sculptures, paintings, frescoes and stained glass windows.


  1. Chuvillies Theatre belongs to the 17th Some parts of the theatre were reconstructed in the 19th century after getting destroyed in WWII. Unique and beautiful Rocco interior of the church worth visiting.


What’s the best place to take a photo?




Clicking picture in every part of Munich is highly recommended. There are many parts which can make your itinerary very special and wonderful. Tierpark Hellabrunn Zoo is a ‘not to miss’ place. It is considered among the best zoos of the world.


What about the top 3 restaurants?




  • Restaurant Broeding – German restaurant with six course menu that changes every night. Popular for its unique dining experience.


  • Ella Restaurant – German and Italian cuisine. Located with the Neoclassical building at the Lenbachhaus museum.


  • Gratitude – Vegan restaurant, very reasonable prices and beautiful ambiance. Restaurant promoted sustainable farming and animal friendly foods.


What about the top 3 breakfast places?




  • Café Reitschule – German breakfast, organic products
  • Tresznjewski – German breakfast with a variety of breads
  • Munchner Boulangerie – Pastry shop and café


What’s the one thing you MUST eat in the city?




Semmelknodel is the must try food among a huge variety of foods available in Munich. This is the traditional German cuisine made with bread pieces, eggs, milk and spices. You will find a variety of recipes.


What about food markets?




  • Munich Christkindlmarkt
  • Viktualienmarkt
  • Munchner Flohmarkt auf der Theresienwiese
  • Wienermarkt


Where should one go at night?  Any bar/nightlife areas or districts you recommend?




  • Schwabing is the area near the university campus. Nightlife is very active in this part. There are many bars, clubs and eateries in this area to spend a vibrant evening.


  • Glockenbachviertel also contains amazing bars and clubs.


  • Kultfabrik and Optimolwerke are the most extensive nightlife options according to the locals. It is an area that is famous for entertainment, venues, bars and clubs.


Any rooftop bars or restaurants that you recommend?




  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Blue Spa Terrace at Hotel Bayerischer Hof
  • Flushing meadows hotel
  • Café Vorhoelzer at the Technical University
  • Hotel Deutsche Eiche


Can you recommend the best shopping areas?  Best shopping mall?




  • City Center’s Arcade – modern and elegant shopping places, art galleries
  • Neuhauser and Kaufingerstrasse – pedestrian area, departmental stores, electronics and fashion stores
  • Glockenbachviertel – fashion, postcards, young designer places
  • Maximilian and Theatinerstrasse – Designer shopping, 19th century buildings and cultural attractions


Do you recommend any tours outside the city?  Islands? Boat Tours?




  • Linderhof Palace
  • Salzburg
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Herrenchiemsee
  • Ingolstadt
  • Nuremberg
  • Passau
  • The Schleissheim Palace complex


Are Casinos allowed?  Blackjack tables?  If so, what’s the best Casino in town?




Every type of gambling is legal in Munich. There are many gaming places and the best ones are:


  • Mex Casino
  • Jokers wild casino
  • Spielcasino Monaco
  • K1 – Spielotheken


Any last advice for people visiting the city?




  • Almost every shop, supermarkets and stores are closed on Sunday.
  • Munich is walkable and public transportation is excellent and very convenient.
  • Do not forget trying breads of Munich which are very famous all around the world.