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There is a lot to see in a lively and vibrant city. Las Vegas has many amazing casinos, entertainment center, hotels and restaurants. You will see a lot of talented street entertainers showing their skills on the vibrant streets and near the dancing fountains. The neon lights of the Las Vegas strip make the skyline enchanting and amazing.


Why should anyone visit the city?




Las Vegas is famous for its amazing strip, vibrant nightlife and casinos. Many people consider it a gambling holiday and entertainment destination. There is a plenty of choice to select the games and gambling places. You can also do a lot of shopping and party in the city.


How does one get to the destination (airport, ferry or others)?






There are two airports to reach the destinations. The largest one is the McCarran international airport (used for the international flights) the other one is the Henderson Executive Airport (chartered and private flights).




Different Californian cities has the wonderful connectivity to Las Vegas by road. You can check the distance and route before planning the road trip.


Many bus services also run to offer the ride to the visitors from different cities to Las Vegas. Local busses also run from the city which are pretty cheap and convenient to travel.


Is the city safe?  What areas are not safe?




Las Vegas is a safe city for tourists whereas the general precautions should be followed like taking care of belongings and staying aware from scams. Some areas of the city are not safe to visit especially late at night are Cultural Corridor, Meadows Village, Michael Way, Downtown East, Downtown, Rancho Charleston, Sunrise, West Las Vegas and Umc.


What’s the weather like?




  • March to May is the best time to visit Vegas because it is the spring season. Different events keep on going during this time and the weather is nice to explore the city.


  • June to August is the hottest time and you get very less space in swimming pools. Most of the families’ travel to Vegas during these months. Sometimes day temperature becomes unbearably hot, light rain showers at times and the evenings are mostly nice to go out.


  • September to November is the autumn season that is very similar to the Spring. It is a pleasant time with many events going on.


  • December to February are the chilly cold months with many events like Christmas and other holidays going on. You have to book months in advance if you want to visit Vegas in these months.


What languages are spoken in the area?  Is English spoken?




Mostly English is spoken in Las Vegas whereas a lot of people also speak Spanish and Asian languages.


What’s the local currency?

Is US Dollar widely accepted?




The Official currency of Vegas is US Dollar. If you want to exchange the money in Las Vegas, then the best option is casino. You can get a good exchange rate there.


What are the best areas or districts to stay in the city?




  • The strip is the best neighborhood to stay in the city especially for the first time visitors. You can get everything conveniently on a walking distance. It is also the best areas for every kind of activity with wonderful views. This is a bright vibrant and wonderful area. It becomes more lively in the night. There are shopping places, entertainment places and eateries in the strip.


  • Downtown is best known for the gambling and gaming. Most of the backpackers, entertainment and gambling lovers stay in this area. You can find many gambling places with different types of games like roulette, black jack, 10 x odds on crack and Sigma Derby (race played with miniature horses). This is a very interesting district.


  • China town is best known for food and restaurants. You can find French, Italian, Japanese and Mexican food in this area. Many restaurants are owned by the top chefs and the experts of a specific type of food.


  • Handerson and Summerlin are the best areas to stay for families. Both areas have restaurants, play areas, parks, shopping centers and many more. The living options are many like hotels, guest houses to the luxury estates and homes.


  • Charleston is the most romantic neighborhood of Las Vegas. It is around 7000 ft. high area with the cool temperature and amazing views. It snows a lot during the winter season.


What’re your top 3 hotels (budget, moderate, luxury) and why?




  • Circus Circus is a very interesting and entertaining place to stay. There is a park with slides, pools and playgrounds, casino and restaurants. It also has a very nice shopping area. It offers outdoor pool and many interesting activities.


  • Tropicana Hotel is the amazing place to stay with huge casino, award winning restaurants, pool having whirlpool and waterfalls, spa, gym and fitness center. It is a very well decorated place to stay with many amenities.


  • Four seasons hotel Las Vegas is a wonderful place to stay. Each room offers stunning views of the Strip. Rooms are beautifully adorned with modern and stylish interior with marble bathrooms and floor to ceiling windows. There is a restaurant, bar and a full service spa. It has many other luxurious amenities and facilities.


How does one get around the city?  Taxi, Uber, similar apps, ATVs?




  • Ride sharing is the thing used by booking Uber and Lyft from its app. The estimated price is shown on the app while booking. Sometimes the prices are high due to the surge according to the areas and time.


  • Taxis are most abundantly available in the entire city. The charges vary according to the time of the year and traffic situation of the area. The taxis booked from the airport have extra charges.


  • Public Transportation is the best way to explore the city and save a lot of money. There are the buses for almost every route including many main tourist attractions. Other ways of transport can cancel the ride but the buses are always available.


Can you highlight the Top 5 MUST see sightseeing?




  1. Bellagio Casino and fountain show is the spectacular place with a lot of amazing entertainments. You can visit fine art gallery, restaurants, botanical gardens, conservatory and many more. one more feature of the place is the fountain. You can see the amazing fountain show with music at this place.


  1. The Mob museum is the national museum of law enforcement and organized crime. There are many exhibitions of fashion trends and cultural events. You can plan the guided sightseeing tour of the place. There are interactive video clips that portray the exhibitions.


  1. High Roller Ferris Wheel is the observation wheel to show the best panoramic views of the city from the height of almost 550 meters. It takes almost 30 minutes for one rotation. There are almost 40 people in one cabin.


  1. Paris, Las Vegas has the Paris Opera house and a model of Eiffel tower that has a restaurant. You can go to the 46th floor of the tower to see the amazing panoramic views of the city. This is a very romantic place for the couples.


  1. Hoover Dam is located on the Colorado river that is the largest water reservoir of the country. It provides electricity to California, Arizona and Nevada. You can also visit the Grand Canyon in the day trip of the place.


What’s the best place to take a photo?




There are a lot of place in Vegas to click amazing photos where as you can visit the Red Rock Canyon National conservation area. You can take an interesting hike and a drive of the desert to click photos of this unique place.


What about the top 3 restaurants?




  1. Onja is the amazing patio grill where you can get the Mexican flavors. It is more like an event space and a social hub. The menu has a variety of dishes, seafood and a wide range of cocktails.


  1. Ambra is an amazing Italian restaurant with a huge variety of recipes. You can have a fusion of different dishes created wonderfully. There are many drinks in the menu to add with the food.


  1. Flights is the airline themed restaurant where you can enter the place with a boarding pass. You can get delicious Vegas meal in very reasonable prices.


What about the top 3 breakfast places?




The three amazing breakfast places with the wonderful morning meal options with amazing ambiance are:


  • Giada at the Cromwell Las Vegas
  • Bardot Brasserie at Aria Las Vegas
  • Della’s Kitchen at the Delano Las Vegas


What’s the one thing you MUST eat in the city?




There are a lot of foods in the city to try. However, you should try the fast food of Las Vegas. There is a huge variety of delicious burgers, served with fries and salads. You will find a plenty of foods from all over the world. You can find the restaurants of many famous chefs like Gordon Ramsey and many more on the Vegas stripe. Select anything from the menu.


What about food markets?




Market in the Alley is considered as the best food market suggested to the hardcore foodies. This vibrant farmer’s market has a number of businesses. The local sellers offer the specialties to the customers to try. This is an organic place with many amazing restaurants, rooftop places, shared workspace and entertainment.


Las Vegas Asian Night Market is the best place for the Asian food lovers. An annual one-day event is held at the market where the locals of Las Vegas display different stalls to sell products. You can get the best Chinese, Japanese and Korean food along with many local dishes.


Where should one go at night?  Any bar/nightlife areas or districts you recommend?




Downtown is the vibrant and amazing city center with a plenty of nightlife options. You can find many casinos, bars and clubs to spend an entertaining time.


The Strip of Las Vegas is a beautiful area with abundant sight seeing and eateries. However, this area is also perfect for a vibrant evening. Casinos, bars, live music and Dj’s, dance clubs are there that remains open until the sun appears.


Any rooftop bars or restaurants that you recommend?




There are a lot of options in Las Vegas to sit on the roof top of a terrace or a roof of a building and enjoy amazing panoramic views of the vibrant city. Some of the best roof top bars and restaurants are:


  • Inspire theatre roof top bar
  • Beer park – American restaurant and beer place
  • Drai’s – Pool party and night club with food options
  • Downtown terrace – Shopping, food and drinks.


Can you recommend the best shopping areas?  Best shopping mall?




Downtown container park is more like an attraction then just being a shopping area. You will find a lot of shops, bars, kids play area, restaurants and entertainment at this place with a hip and modern vibe.


The shop at crystals has the most luxurious and exclusive retailers from all over the world. This is an amazing and very expensive place at The Strip for some designer shopping. You will find almost every leading fashion brand from the world at this place.


Do you recommend any tours outside the city?  Islands? Boat Tours?




There are a lot of places near the city to plan a day or half day trip. These are:


  • Grand Canyon
  • Hoover Dam
  • Valley of Fire
  • Area 51
  • Death Valley national park
  • Zion National Park
  • Bryce Canyon


Are Casinos allowed?  Blackjack tables?  If so, what’s the best Casino in town?


Answer: Casinos are one of the main feature of Las Vegas with a huge variety of gaming options. Some of the best casinos with their main features are:


  • Caesar’s Palace – Best Gaming and sports betting
  • Aria – Best slots, highest limits and largest machines
  • MGM Grand – for non-gamblers (only this place offers Sigma Derby)


Any last advice for people visiting the city?




  • Do not buy drinks at casinos because after a while free drinks are served.
  • Keep something light to wear (jacket), sunscreen, snack and water in your bag.
  • Take some gambling lessons before visiting Las Vegas
  • Costume characters charge a little fee for clicking photos.
  • Enjoy as much as you can.