Is it safe to fly on Corona Virus time?

Travelling in the Corona Virus times appears to be impossible because of the increase in cases and the health threats. However, it is not that difficult as it looks like if everyone takes proper precaution. The disease can be contained by practicing hygiene and keeping physical distance.


The domestic and international travelling is discouraged everywhere but some people cannot avoid travelling. Precautionary measures are descried by the travel experts to make flying possible when it is necessary.


How to stay safe on Airport and Plane during Covid-19?

Most of the airports are empty because the flights are restricted and limited whereas it does not mean that it is safe to take the precautions very casual. Try to avoid travelling if you can manage the things over video call or phone.


After getting to the airport, keep covering your face and avoid touching the counters and railings. Most of the airports has installed protection barriers to keep the people away from the counter.


There are no crowds anywhere but if you find some people standing at the counter in the form of a crowd, then do not get yourself into that. Maintain a distance and wait for the crowd to get settled.


Tip: Never forget buying an alcohol based cleaning wipes to sanitize the seat, window and other things around you before sitting.


Do not sit near the people who are sneezing, coughing or look sick. However, some infected people do not have the symptoms of Corona virus. It is necessary to be careful and maintain a proper social distancing.


Another difficult thing is that, avoid having food on the plane during the short flight. You can carry some snacks in you carry bag if possible.


Do not sit in the middle seat if there is another passenger sitting on the side.


Does hand sanitizer really help?


It is important to have a 60% to 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer whereas it is only good when there is no hand washing option available. The traditional way of washing hands is good to fight against the virus. However, sanitizer is good when you have no other option.


Some people think that using sanitizer is better than washing hands. It is only the option to be used while sitting on the plane seat where you cannot wash hands.


The other thing to be careful about is, do not wash your hands until they become dry and skin start breaking. You can use some moisturizer after washing the hands because broken skin is very much vulnerable to the infections.


Some flights have changed the rules of carrying liquids so you can easily keep a small bottle of sanitizer in your carry bag.


How much face masks are helpful in controlling the virus?


Face masks have various guidelines which keep on changing along with the type of recommended mask.


A lot of people are having trouble in getting a mask because of hoarders and lack of supply. There are a lot of alternatives to stay safe and keep others safe if you are infected.


Fact: Masks have a lot of alternatives.


Tip: Wrapping a scarf and bandana by covering mouth and nose is more effective because it has no side opening. Make sure you make two or three folds of that before using.


It will not completely stop the infection from spreading but somehow make it slow or weak the spread if you are infected or near an infected person.


A bad thing: Some people are wasting masks by using them at home that is not necessary because the virus is not airborne.


You should use the mask while getting off your vehicle to enter into the airport and try to keep wearing it during the flight (especially if you are sitting on aisle).


Important tip: It is very important to cover your eyes as well so you can wear glasses or specs with no power as a safety measure.


How should I sanitize the seat and surroundings?


There are antibacterial wipes pack available in the market such as Dettol wipes. Keep a pack in you carry bag. When you reach airport and going to sit in the waiting lounge then clean the seat with the wipe.


Everything on the airports and planes are already disinfected by the management whereas it is not bad to be extra cautious.


You can clean the surfaces around you after getting into the plane like your seat arms, belt, front screen and the other necessary things which you are going to touch.


Why should we wear gloves?


Usually people wear gloves by thinking that they will remain safe from getting virus that is not true. They are not effective because the virus remains on the surface and when you touch your eyes, mouth or nose, it gets into the body.


Initially, it was funny to see the people wearing gloves and touching their hair and face frequently. It increases the chances of getting infected.


The bacteria can also be transferred to the other surfaces by contacting with the contaminated gloves.


Tip: Wear gloves and keep in mind that you have touched the dirtiest thing with your hands.


They are good to wear until you get on the flight but they are not the alternative of washing hands. You can get a sanitizer instead of gloves to use frequently until you reach.


How should I handle my money?


This is one of the most necessary things because money is one of the major causes of spreading the disease.


Currencies are made of different materials and their surfaces can make the virus stay that can get you infected. The best way to avoid it is to use a debit or credit card everywhere so you would not need to handle cash.


The problem occurs with the surface of the card.


  • Keep two pouches for the cash and cards.
  • Put some of the cash and cards which you frequently use in one pouch and make it accessible.
  • The other pouch is to keep the remaining cash and important cards which are not frequently needed.
  • Put them in the safe area of your bag.
  • Use the first pouch for the money handling and immediately clean your hands after touching it.


You should keep all the things separate from the other belongings which you are going to use on the airport until getting on the flight.


If I am having fever should I get through airport screening?

Fever, dry cough and tiredness is among the main symptoms of Covid-19. Try to get the corona virus test if you are experiencing these symptoms.


Check the fever a day before travelling and have medicine because it can be from the travel anxiety. Take another body temperature reading before getting to the airport. Avoid travelling if you are having even a little bit fever because the airport authority will stop you from traveling.


Every airport has the screening device to check the body temperature of the people. Do not avoid it because the action against you will be taken after reaching the destination.


Why is quarantine important and what should I do for a small stay?

Some destinations made it mandatory for the travelers to get themselves into quarantine for 14 days after reaching. There are special quarantine units made for this purpose. If you are travelling to a destination where there is no such rule, then get yourself into quarantine after reaching your destination.


However, if the stay is short then take extra precautions. Practice social distancing wherever you go and wear a mask.  After reaching back, get yourself into quarantine for fourteen days and avoid meeting people.

What should I do about my travel insurance?


Covid-19 is a new disease so there is no vaccine or specific treatment for it. Do not try to carry random medicines for self-medication because some common medicines like Ibuprofen is having extreme side effects.


Usually people have the travel insurance to avoid different damages from occurring. Travel agencies have modified their terms after the disease spread.

Most travel insurance have deducted the policy against the pandemics and epidemics. Read your travel insurance policies again and inquire them to make sure that after Covid-19 they have not changed their policies.


It is very important to do because some destinations where the disease spread is critical have lesser space to accommodate new patients.


Covid-19 is a respiratory issue so anyone can require breathing help in case of the infection.

What is the risk of getting corona virus in flight?


The air circulation of the plane is continuously filtered and corona virus is not air borne so the risk of getting from the air is extremely rare. You only need to avoid touching the surfaces and your face to stop getting infected.


Mostly people experience dehydration during the flight and they need something to drink frequently. In case of having this need avoid quenching your thirst with caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. They make the immune system more vulnerable to the disease by causing more dehydration in the body.


What should I do if there is an infected passenger on the flight?

The disease is spreading very quickly and there are a lot of people getting infected with it. If you find someone with the corona virus symptoms, then keep these things in mind.


  • Do not panic and be more careful.
  • Inform the crew about that because it is mandatory for the airline crew to inform authorities about the covid-19 patient on the flight.
  • Keep yourself safe by maintaining the basic hygiene, cleaning surfaces around your seat and covering your face.