The Wellhorn is situated at the NE part of the central berner alps, NE of Grindelwald, it is part of the Wetterhorn/-group, the highest mountain of this group is (surprise !) the Wetterhorn (3701 m). All summits of the Wellhorn are climbed very seldom, but the Kleines Wellhorn is very famous and often visited for the routes of it’s SE-face (600m height). This climbs are under the best long, alpine limestone climbs of the whole alps. Only one of them (the famous “Gletschersinfonie”) leads up to the S-summit of the Kleines Wellhorn, the other routes are not reaching the summit. But the routes are so beautiful, so great, so exciting that no climber who has ever climbed one of those routes take care about don’t reaching the summit. 📷 Video credits to @ananya.ray

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